Friday, August 28, 2009

State of Play

I've had some interruption from real life, but I'm still plugging away at the Old-School Dark Sun. That said, I am finding myself slowing down as I wrestle with some issues. In no particular order:

1. Alignment
I've made a few see-sawing posts on this topic here and here and haven't gotten any further yet.

2. Weapon vs. Armour Class
Following my analysis of the various Weapon vs. AC Charts, I determined that I wanted to produce my own that would not be "better" per se, but which would better reflect my own preferences. I'm making progress with this, but I keep having alternate thoughts. One consideration is of combining more weapons into single categories, based on broad type (Axes, Swords, etc.). Then having each category have one entry on the WvACC, with standard modifiers for two-handed and short versions. Thus there would be one entry for Sword. All two-handed weapons might get +1 to hit, while short weapon get -1.

3. Serious Wounds Chart aka the Wheel of Dismemberment
Boy, this is proving harder than I thought. Filling out some effects for head injuries, as I posted here, was easy and fun. But I'm finding it much trickier on the other areas. How do you distinguish a Serious Wound to the ankle from that to the foot? Do I include some injuries that can be healed over time (broken bones) or do I make them all permanent? This is a toughy for me.

4. Psychic Disciplines and Advancement
I have not really dealt with this in a while; I turned to other issues. I realized when posting my sample Slayer, that I had a lot of work left here.

So, that's the state of play at the moment. Hopefully, I'll refresh a bit over the weekend and get back to work as I really want to play-test this thing as soon as can.

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