Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Well, I got a bit sand-bagged at work (that is, in the real world) last week. The largest hotel transaction in Maui's history went down in flames and I was asked to review the history of the thing and figure out what the fore-closers could do with it. Interesting, actually. But featuring very few Mantis Men (something about Department of Health regulations I think).

Looking back at my last post, that darned Wheel of Dismemberment is still giving me trouble. I think I'm going to take up psychic powers again. Over at the wonderful Blood of Procopius, Father Dave is beginning to explore the same Weapon vs. AC issues I have and I'm hoping his thoughts may help me out with that one.

If I can get some psychic powers worked out enough for 1st level and and a combat matrix that's acceptable, then I can get on with some play-testing at long last.

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