Friday, May 22, 2009

Help A Nice Guy and Get Swag

In case you missed it, Randall at RetroRolePlaying has asked for some help in dealing with medical bills.  In return for a PayPal donation, he will send you pdf's of two issues of his 80's fanzine, The Grimoire, which, among other things, has amateur art from the great Denis Loubet.

I don't know Randall at all personally (but then, who knows anyone in the flesh anymore?), but I have been darn impressed by his Microlite74 as well as his blog. I'd encourage anyone who can to give a little to Randall and his wife.  I'm certainly feeling unusually blessed these days by having a job, and a home, and not having to give up any major organs to pay for bread (yet) and it's made me feel more than usually empathetic.

I hope Randall doesn't take the above as in any way condescending.  My thoughts go out to him and his wife, while I await my copies of The Grimoire.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Were are we--May 2009

Well, obviously, I haven’t done anything with Hypernotus in a while. In part, that’s because James has gotten distracted and hasn’t finished the rules. And this was all a way to get him to finish the rules.

I could have (and still might) go on anyway. But, I’ve been distracted as well. For those who don’t follow links, I have been working on-and-off on a Sword & Sorcery game for some while. This is not any kind of old-school game in either mechanics or premise. I had stalled a bit on that and moved on to other things for a while, including the Onderland Campaign and Hypernotus.

The S&S game has rethrust itself upon my consciousness recently, particularly in terms of the setting. I’m engaged in some negotiations that I don’t want to go into until there is some resolution. I hope to be able to resurrect a wonderful S&S setting. If not, I have so other ideas about doing an antediluvian, Hebrew setting. Yes, you read that right.

So, let’s see what comes next.