Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hoo-Boy: Disciplines!

I took the list of Disciplines from Eldritch Wizardry (excising only Detect Good/Evil as obviously inappropriate) and put them in a list. I then made a first pass at organizing them into levels.

Level One
1. Animal Telepathy
2. Body Equilibrium (Water Walk)
3. Body Weaponry
4. Detection of Magic (Psychic Energy)
5. Empathy
6. Hypnosis
7. Mind Over Body

Level Two
1. Cell Adjustment (Healing)
2. Domination
3. Expansion
4. Levitation
5. Reduction
6. Suspend Animation

Level Three
1. Aura Alteration (Remove Curse; should be Dispel Magic?)
2. Body Control (Withstand Extremes)
3. Clairaudience
4. Clairvoyance
5. ESP
6. Invisibility
7. Molecular Agitation (Pyrokinesis)

Level Four
1. Dimension Door
2. Mass Domination
3. Mind Bar (Resist Possession)
4. Molecular Manipulation (Weaken Material)
5. Telekinesis
6. Telepathic Projection

Level Five
1. Astral Projection
2. Dimension Walking
3. Energy Control
4. Etherealness
5. Molecular Rearrangement (Transmute Metals)
6. Probability Travel
7. Shape Alteration
8. Teleportation

I can see that this is going to be a longer task than I thought at first. It's a frankly weird list. A lot of semi-duplications (Probability Travel and Astral Projection are quite similar and I can't see how Dimension Walking should be separate from Teleportation) and then a lot of areas that are pretty bare.

I think that the next step may be to look at the spell lists and see if some of those are appropriate for exporting in some form or another. I'd definitely like to keep the feel of the Disciplines different from spells. Actually, Dimension Walking is a good example here: while Teleportation works exactly like the spell, Dimension Walking is quirky: the user actually walks the distance in another plane and has to roll for how much time is saved (although I'll confess that I cannot make heads or tails of the chart in EW). That provides a model for any spells I import.

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