Sunday, October 4, 2009

Should "Under the Dark Sun" Be Something Else?

No sooner than having gotten the play-test version of my Dark Sun ready, do I begin to wonder if this really ought to be Dark Sun after all.  I've made so many changes along the way that the setting has tilted toward...well, the Psychic Science Fantasy setting I originally set out to write on this blog almost seven months ago.  So I'm wondering if the name "Dark Sun" has some intrinsic value or if I should go ahead and remold it as my own thing.  What thinkest thou, dear hypothetical reader?


  1. Honestly, I'd much prefer to see you create your own world. It can be inspired by Dark Sun in various ways, but I think the best stuff is the stuff one creates for oneself.

  2. Definitely where I'm trending. After a typed this post last night, I started thinking of things to change. No decisions yet, but I'm kind of leaning towards making this whole thing "Under the Dying Sun" or something.