Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Bit of Fluff about True Men Under the Dying Sun

True Men
May take any class and have no special modifiers or penalties.

True Men claim to be the heirs of the fallen civilization of the Senex. They regard all other tribes of Men, such as Desert Men and Wild Men, as “Quasi-Men”. True Men regard themselves as a unique, superior species. Once upon a time, before the sun began to die, True Men were the dominant force in the world, but they have been on the wane for centuries. What is true is that the various tribes of Men are unique—they are the only mammals under the Dying Sun. Some stories suggest that Men originated on another world, but how would anyone confirm that?

Although waning in power, True Men remain the most civilized of intelligent species and maintain the highest technical skills. They are the only species to inhabit cities, which they see as a sign of superiority and other species see as a sign of decadence.


  1. That's idea right now. When humans came to this world, they didn't bring their puppies with them. :D All ecological niches are filled by reptiles, birds, and insects (some of which hitched a ride with the humans,; others of which are paralel evolution).