Monday, October 5, 2009

Potential New Logo

Riffing off of the idea of converting Under the Dark Sun into soemthing more original, here's a the first stab at a logo:

Should I be futzing around with logos at this point? Perhaps not, but for whatever reason, they help me to think.


  1. Besides being fun and stress reliving futzing with art/style is good for game. Images, graphics, art, sets mood way more than a bunch of fluff text.

    That logo reminds me of Traveller, the Imperial Sun. Good colour though, looks like it's dying ;)

  2. Yeah, I can dig it! Futzing is a fine art.

  3. Traveller, eh? Hmn. Maybe the image is too "clean" for what I want to suggest.

  4. Yeah, a little too clean, I'd say.

    My advice; do up a logo, and then feed it through a bunch of different photoshop filters until you find one that gives it a look that appeals to you. If your game is a sci-fantasy post-apoc game, running your logo through a filter that makes it worn and badly abused will help give it that extra visual "oomph".

    As for the graphics taking a break form writing - that's exactly where I'm at now. I think it helps solidify the product in my mind more as a "product" and I get more serious about it when I start to work on art and layout and fonts and the like. Nothing wrong with that at all.