Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sample Artifact: Chromatic Projection Rod

Chromatic Projection Rod (Deciphering Difficulty: Hard +2)

A number of these items have been discovered over the centuries. Each has been unique in design. All are closed, metallic rods (though of differing metals, including many unrecognizable to modern folk) varying from 6” to 18” in length and 4” to 10” in diameter. Some are absolutely plain, while others have ridges or decorations.

A Chromatic Projection Rod emits a beam of colour the same diameter as the rod itself to a distance of 30’. Each rod will emit only one colour. Different colours have different effects on anything splashed with beam’s colour. When a Chromatic Projection Rod is discovered, the Referee may wish to roll on the following chart to determine colour and effect. If the Referee prefers, he may randomly roll colour first and then make a new roll for effect in order to keep the players guessing.

Alert, hypothetical readers will note that this Table is incomplete right now. Any suggestions welcomed.


  1. I'm suggesting that I snag this item for use in my own campaign.

    It's always worthwhile looking at the Prismatic Spray 7th level illusionist spell in AD&D for some nice color coded effects (petrification, casting into another plane of existence, etc)

  2. Well, the Colour Never Before Seen clearly must cause insanity.

  3. A couple post-lunch ideas - use them as you see fit!

    White (Chaos Bane): acts as turn undead of an appropriate level, except affects all undead and extra-planar chaotic beings.

    Black (Vampyre): Drains constitution of target, grants temporary CON boost to wielder.

    Rainbow (Summon Mount): Summons a unicorn (or other appropriate campaign creature of law/goodness) to serve user, with optional rainbows and flowers cascading about area.

    Green (Nature's Vigor): perhaps some kind of accelerated vegetation effect? Growth/enlargement of plants, grasses, trees, crops, etc.