Monday, October 11, 2010

Specialties: First Very Rough Draft

This is the kind of thing I am thinking about:


  1. Hey, this is pretty cool. I like what you are doing here. A priest-thief could be someone like Friar Tuck. No idea what the general word for that could be. The flip side of it would be a priest that pushes conversion to take the resources of a people.

  2. Covert Wizard = Seer? long distance recon

    Thief Priest = Televangelist?

  3. You might consider a sorcerer as a covert wizard.

  4. Covert Wizard = Seer? long distance recon

    You must be right becuase I had the same thought on the drive home tonight. ;)

  5. How about:

    Covert Wizard = Illusionist
    Performance Wizard = Bard

  6. A suggestion: change the class name of Wizard to Magician, and go with the following:

    Woodcraft = Druid
    Covert = Illusionist
    Performance = Bard
    Peasant = Wise Man/Wise Woman
    Priest = Wizard
    Noble = Magist

    If you don't change the class title, for Wizard/Priest I'd go with either Sorcerer (Evil), Adept (Neutral), or Mage (Good).

    A good name for the Fighter/Priest might be Cleric, as that is really what clerics are; a Thief/Priest might be a Mendicant.