Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pakistani Flood Relief & Gaming

Just in case you missed the news, RPGNOW is again doing a brilliant job at collecting money to help victims of disaster; in this case, those suffering from the flood in Pakistan.  It's brilliant because for a mere $25, you get almost $1,000 worth of gaming downloads.  There is some cruft to be sure, but you get some really big ticket items such as Steve Kenson's rules-lite super-hero game ICONS, the repacking of the old-school classic Dragon Warriors, HarnMaster 3rd edition, the gigantic FATE-based Star Blazer Adventures, Greg Stolze's Wild Talents 2nd edition,  some module called The Cursed Chateau by some hack named Maliszewski :), and - why not - Exalted 2nd edition.  And much more.

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