Monday, September 13, 2010

A Thought on Starting Funds

Just had a random thought about starting monies.  This thought was in context of Under the Dying Sun, but could apply to any iteration of Ye Auld Game.  It's simply this: starting monies equal CHAx10.  I find the idea very appealing as A)it reduces the number of rolls at chargen and B)makes CHA a bit more obviously useful at the beginning of the game.  Oh, well, and it kind of makes sense.  It means the guys with more money are necessarily the guys better able to obtain hirelings, whether simply because of filthy lucre, or because they are better class, or whatever.


  1. This makes sense to me. I argued on the OD&D discussion forum that the roll for money was just an extra stat anyway for beginning characters.

  2. I agree with that sentiment. At one point, I was going to say: roll the dice 7 times; assign to the 6 abilities and starting gold. I think that woudl work too, since most folks will choose to be poorer but cooler.

    But I think I kinda like this CHA idea more.