Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Experience Penalties for Quasi-Men Under the Dying Sun

I have wrestled with how to handle Quasi-Men in Dying Sun for a while.  I think my rules for them have improved immensely over time.  But, I just realized that my shiny new, smallinated XP rules create a problem in this area.  I previously had Desert Men suffer a -5% penalty on earned experience and Scorpion Men suffer -15%.  That doesn't work so much when we have reduced the XP awards down to units of 1.

I've never liked level limits and won't use them here.  So, here's an idea I am playing with and I'd love some feedback:

Desert Men need 1 extra points of experience to advance to 2nd level (i.e., need 21 XP to get to 2nd level); thereafter, the required extra experience doubles (i.e., need 42 for 3rd; need 84 for 4th, etc.)

Scorpion Men need 3 extra points of experience per level to advance (i.e., need 23 XP to get to 2nd level; need 46 for 3rd; need 92 for 4th, etc.)

This accurately preserves the -5% and -15% penalties without us needing to have fractions.  I think it's pretty clean.

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