Thursday, September 9, 2010

Places Under the Dying Sun: The Ruined City of Thanjivar

Hex 16.01—The Ruined City of Thanjivar (1,000 XP when first entered)
Thanjivar is an ancient city; far older than Hajal (the dominant power in the Kahira region. It was once a mighty port that resisted the loss of the seas as best it could. The docks, and indeed other parts of the city, progress downward for some length as the city was extended over the centuries following the lowering waterline. Thus, the older parts of the city lie on what is now the Kahira Plain, while the newest parts reach nearly to the floor of the Valley of Mariners.

Thanjivar presents a tempting target for treasure-hunters of all kinds. Its the walls of the Old City are of a unique, pink marble that fetch high prices; unfortunately little is left of them after centuries of architectural pillaging. It is well-known (and possibly even true) that the ancient Kings of Thanjivar were ritually preserved after death by gilding; covered in a layer of pure gold that was then worked to resemble them perfectly. The Hall of Golden Kings is virtually a by-word for a fabulous treasure. Although no one has ever found the Hall, many other riches have been removed from the ruined city, whose people clearly enjoyed a high-level of material wealth.

As tempting a locale as Thanjivar is for fortune-hunters, it is no less a tempting site for  spawning Scorpion Men. During the egg-laying season, bands of Akrab from the Lost Sea migrate into the Valley of Mariners and then ascend to the lower levels of the city to brood. During this time, the males will frequently raid out upon the Kahira Plain in search of food. More than one adventurer with dreams of gold has ended up as supper for a nest of young Scorpion broodlings.


  1. I'm very, very happy to see a return of Under the Dying Sun material!

    And I'm also stoked to see usage of the exploration xp houserule!

  2. Thanks, guys. I think I may be transitioning back to Dying Sun, at least in part because Heroes has most of the rules-stuff done and mostly drudge work left. Of course, that's about where I left off at Dying Sun the last time, so... Well, I hope to get something done anyway.

    And I totally love the XP for exploration idea. It works especially well for Dying Sun, since there isn't too much in the way of treasure lying around in an exhausted world.

  3. I must admit I stopped following this blog when the Dying Sun stuff...well...died, and the Superhero posts took its place. I would love to see a regular return to Under the Dying Sun.

  4. It is interesting that the OSR has become very blogocentric, while something like supers is not so much.

    Anyway, Dying Sun never died. It was just resting its eyes :)