Monday, May 17, 2010

You Won't Catch Me Slaggining Off

A lot of folks in the OSR have a bad relationship with  They hate that people pop up to crap on your threads, or tell you that you are wrong to like older D&D, or just won't get off your lawn (damn kids!).  I understand that, but you won't catch me slagging off

Maybe it's because it was my first connection to other gamers when I got back into gaming.

Maybe it's because I have had and continue to have good discussions there.

Or maybe...just's because you can get involved in a little discussion of how cool Greg Stafford's Prince Valiant game was and how cool it would be if it were put out again, maybe for something public domain like Robin Hood or something well-regarded but never licensed like the Chronicle of Prydain, and twenty-four hours later Greg freakin' Stafford pops up and say, "OK.  You guys want it, I'll ask Chaosium for the rights back and see what I can do."

To me, that's just priceless.  Worth any amount of snot-nosed kids and there computer game whatwhosits.


  1. I like rpgnet, too. But I don't have a story that's as cool as yours!

  2. Stafford strikes me as a very cool guy.

    I've never really had a problem with either. There are a decent number of 'old school' types who frequent the place. It's the one RPG site I've visited consistently over the past 6+ years (I very rarely visit ENworld or dragonsfoot anymore).

  3. @Trey--though this may be the coolest, I've had a lot of cool moments there.

    @Akrasia--I'm not sure why a bunch of old-schoolers are so thin-skinned.

    I have never met Greg Stafford, but I KNOW that he is a cool guy: I ordered the first edition boxed set of Pendragon when it came out (1985). When it came, I discovered that some sort of insect had been squashed into the printing of the GM's Book. My mum and dad told me to send it back, which I was a bit afraid to do. But I did and very soon, I received a new one signed by Greg saying (something like): "Dear Matt. So sorry about the mess-up. Hope all your knights make the Round Table."

    He's cool.

  4. That is definitely cool.

    ~Adaen of Bridgewater