Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nabat-Wahsiyy: The Horrible Plant

No. Appearing: 1
Alignment: Neutral (unintelligent)
Size: H
Armour Class/Defense: 2/1 (Parries with extra tendrils)
Move: 0”
Hit Dice: Each tendril has 2 HD (8 HP); core has 6 (24 HP)
Attacks: 1 Grapple +4 OR Large Club + 4 per 2 tendrils (see text below)
Modes: N/A
Disciplines: N/A
Special: Camouflage; Constrict does Medium damage, ½ Damage from Blunt attacks, -1 Damage from M-sized foes; x2 Dam-age from Fire; +2 Attribute Throws
Moral: Never rolls Morale
Treasure: 5
XP: 300 per tendril

Commonly called "Sand Stars", these are large plants with a taste for animal flesh. Sentient, but not intelligent, and unable to move their cores, they are nonetheless quite capable hunters. The Nabat-Wahsiyy consists of a cyclindrical core averaging five feet in diameter with five to ten tendril-like arms (4+1D) of some ten feet in length. This plant grows in loose sandy soils and buries itself so that it is scarcely visible with it’s arms spread about. When something steps on an arm, the Sand Star lashes out and attempts to grapple and crush it’s prey which is then buried near it’s core to be fed on as it decomposes. The Nabat’s tough, fibrous "flesh" is equivalent to leather armour.

Prey is deposited in the sand to decay and nourish the soil. In this fashion, Sand Stars can collect a fair amount of treasure over the years.


  1. Where does the name come from? Or is that a trade secret ;)?

  2. By and large, I have been grabbing names from Sanskrit and Arabic, with the occasional totally made-up but kinda sounding like Arabic or Sanskrit one.

    In this case, NABAT WAHSIYY means "Savage Plant" in Arabic.