Friday, January 29, 2010

Witch-Men: The Invisible Enemy


No. Appearing: 1
Alignment: Chaotic
Size: *
Armour Class/Defense: *
Move: *
Hit Dice: *
Attacks: *
Modes: 1D-1 random
Disciplines: 1D-1 random
Special: Astral Projection, Telepathic Projection
Moral: Never check Morale in Possessed body
Treasure: *
XP: *
* as per being possessed

Witch-Men are the invisible enemy of all who live beneath the Dying Sun, never seen, but always feared. No one knows who or what they actually are or whether they are, in fact, Men at all. They are only encountered by proxy when they possess some other being. The Witch-Men use their Astral Projection to wander the world and find suitable victims, which they then possess with Telepathic Projection and use as living tools. There are many stories about the Witch-Men--that they are remnants of the Senex trapped in another dimension, that they are giant foetuses who live inside glass wombs, that they are monsters of the ID released in an experiment gone horribly awry--but these are nothing more than speculation.

The records of encounters with Witch-Men indicate that they use living beings as pawns in the furtherance of their obscure schemes. They may possess a being for years without attracting notice and even the whisper of “Witch-Man” can stir up a frenzy of paranoia. Sages feel that there are only prevented from dominating the world due to the fact that they obsessively plot against each other; the more conspira-torially-minded believe that this is just what they want you to think.


  1. Cool, and somewhat reminiscent of the Unclean in Heiro's Journy.

  2. I especially appreciate the wordplay potential, "Witch Hunt," "Witchfinder," etc.

    I am of the opinion that they are the incorporeal remnants of Athanor's Witch-Kings of Ylum...

  3. @Aos--to be perfectly honest, the idea is swiped from the Horseclans series.

    @Blair--now that is a lovely thought.