Monday, August 23, 2010

Help Me With a Name (Again)

Last time I did this, you were all very helpful.  So let's try it again.

As discussed previously, two of the ways of looking at a Power are its Effect and its Category.  At least right now, there are seven Effects:
  • Attack
  • Alteration
  • Control
  • Defense
  • Meta-Power
  • Motion
  • Quality

And there are nine Categories (which are mostly used for the Random Roll Tables):
  • Body Powers
  • Energy Powers
  • Matter Powers
  • Mental Powers
  • Movement Powers
  • Object Powers
  • Sensory Powers
  • Super-Qualities
  • Training
Can you guess what my question is?
Yes, I have a Motion Effect and a Movement Category.  Isn't that confusing?  I think so.  So I turn again to my hypothetical readers for suggestions for changing one of them, hopefully to something that doesn't begin with an "M" (thus, "Motility" isn't that helpful).


  1. How about 'Spacial Powers'? Assuming they involve moving yourself or moving other things, that might work. Of course, then things like enlarging/shrinking might also be found under them... Well, it's a thought.

  2. Hmmmmm... How about "force" powers, as in the Force = mass * acceleration variety? You already have mass (matter) and acceleration, so it fits, I think.

  3. "Kinetic"? Or does that open the door to confusion with other kinds of energy?

  4. Change Movement Powers to Travel Powers

  5. Travel Powers include getting better accommodations, upgrades, and hitting on your cruise director Julie. :)

  6. That's an upgrade to the Travel in Style Powers

  7. Travel in Style Powers also prevents Snake on Plane Power occurances

  8. How does Motion differ from Movement in this case?

  9. As it is (but I want to change the terms), Movement is a Category of Powers on the Random Roll Powers Chart, while Motion is a Power Effect. Of course, they pretty much overlap.