Monday, August 30, 2010

Body Powers: Take Two

I posted Table 2: Body Powers some while ago.  But I've never been satisfied with several aspects of that Table.  I don't know why the dam broke today, but for some reason I got it to a form I prefer.  The changes are actually pretty minor, but nothing is too minor for me to agonize over.

For those keeping score at home, what's changed?

  1. I took out the Density Powers sub-table and broke out Density Increase and Intangibility into separate powers on the main Table.  I think these powers are common enough that they rate individual entries.
  2. Ditto for Size-Changing Powers into Growth and Shrinking for the same reasons.
  3. And the same again for the Transform Self sub-table into Shape-shifting and Metamorph.
  4. In the same action, the power Alternate Form was eliminated.  It was so specific that I felt it didn't really deserve an entry.  It can be duplicated by taking a Limitation on either Shape-Shifting or Metamorph to restrict them to one form.

Should you care about any of this?  Probably not.

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