Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Scorpion Men: Too Much?

The play-testing continues nicely. One thing is coming up again and again: Sot Sojat (erstwhile Scoprion Man Slayer, Omnivore, and Philosopher) is all but invincible for monsters of this level. Plate Armour is proof against almost any kind of natural weapons. Add his Parry to that and, well. The more we play, the more I think I may have to tone down the benefits of the Scorpion Men. I think that I have might have fallen into the Super-Cool Non-Human trap (see Elf, Drow and oh so many others) and the proposed fix (significant XP ding) doesn't really mean anything for a while: he only requires an extra 353 XP to make Level 2; an extra 705 to make 3rd.

Hmn. How to fix. I should probably make his built-in armour less heavy duty, although Plate sounds right for a carapace. A Lizard Man could plausibly have Leather-like armour, but that doesn't sound quite right for a Scorpion Man.

Make them notably slower moving? Hmn, I'm at a bit of a loss at the moment.


  1. Mail-like armor should do the trick there , there could be lot's of soft spots where the scorpion man physiology requires articulation, weak spots at the joints and other bendy points.

  2. Although that really describes Plate Armour, doesn't it?

  3. Maybe your troubles are an artifact of using the chainmail man-to-man tables instead of the d20 attack matrices? Is there a banded/splint mail armorclass in your ruleset? I find that conceptually works well for exoskeletons.

    I'm furiously watching this as I've been throwing about idead about how to make a bugman race for my campaign.

  4. Maybe, but I don't think I'm going to drop that aspect so I better get clever. I'm using a much simplified 5 step armour class: None, Leather, Studded, Chain, and Plate.

    This thinking has got me rethinking my whole treatment of non-humans actually.

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