Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quite Distracted By: Frontiers of Alusia

I never played DragonQuest. I recall some totally confusing articles in Dragon Magazine and a cool picture of a warrior holding a dragon's head. That was about it until a few years ago when I stumbled upon Cessna at rpg.net talking passionately about in some thread or another. After checking it out, I found that the system was not really to my taste, but the game was flavourful as hell and had lots of nifty elements (like an amazing list of demon princes to summon).

But forget the system right now. What I just stumbled upon is the default setting:
the Frontiers of Alusia. And I must say that I'm digging it. You get an ~125,000 sm setting, with lots of geographic detail but virtually no settlements. A small barony on the coast and a smaller fief inland. It's not very medieval in that way; rather, it seems to be channeling the idea of the American frontier: people move from the civilized North into the frontiers in search of whatever they are in search of. You kinda know what's there, but not really. Things have names on the maps, but no one has really ever explored them.

Plus, the entire gazetteer is 4 pages long. That's it. For someone like me, that's gold!

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