Saturday, March 21, 2009


Obviously, I have been a little distracted the last few days. I am finishing up a level in my Underland dungeon that has taken months. Yes, that's right: months. I am incredibly slow at making dungeons. I redraw the map over and over and over until it feels right. And I can't really stock the thing until the map is done. So. Obsessive and perfectionist, yes.

But then, as I was almost done, I suddenly got this idea not to use a scan of my hand-drawn map (version 7, I think, for those keeping score). Instead, I wanted to try and create a map that looked like the old TSR ones; you know, with that amazingly hard to reproduce shade of blue. And that has taken the better part of three days now and I'm not done.

But the results are pretty damn nice I must say. I don't know when I can make the map available because my players are about to enter it. But I can post a tiny sub-level map just to show how it looks:

I am perhaps inordinately proud of that. This is going to make progress on Underland even slower than before, unfortunately for me. But such is the price of excellence.
Anyway, I shall be back to Hypernotus soon, I think.

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