Monday, January 10, 2011

The Pendulum Swings

So, the latest round of Dying Sun play-testing is done and it was, as usual, very helpful.  My last few posts reflect things learned in that game.  They may, however, be the last posts about Dying Sun for a while.  You see, my loyal, hypothetical readers, my internal, gaming pendulum has begun to swing once again to the supers-side.

I'm not really sure what prompts these swings.  I last swung into the supers-mode at the end of March 2010 and swung out again in the beginning of September.  About 5 months of supers, followed by about 4 months of Ye Auld Game (and Dying Sun in particular).  Is it the change of weather?  The trade-winds?  I don't know.  Fortunately, it's not what some folks call "Gamer ADD"; it's pretty consistently one or the other.  I flirt with other genres, but fantasy and supers are consistently my two favorites. Entirely coincidentally, my table-top group's Labyrinth Lord campaign is drawing to a close and and it looks as if we will be playing DC Adventures next (not my preference for system, but I'm trying to be a team-player here and give it a try).

So, I'll predict 4-5 months of supers-thinking before I get back to Dying Sun.  I know that my posts about supers-gaming are tremendously less popular than ones related to YAG and I'm debating whether to post about it or not.  But, I think I shall: it seems that blogging is a useful exercise in and of itself, whether or not anyone reads or responds.

Anyway, consider this fair-warning.  In case anyone is interested, I've been doing a thread over at rpgnet attempting a very specific comparison between two popular light-systems: The Fiendish Comparing of ICONS and BASH UE.  Anyone considering those games might find something useful there.  So, until next time: Excelsior!

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