Friday, November 5, 2010

Artifact: Somatic Restoriation Matrix

Somatic Restoration Matrix (Super-Heroic -8 to Decipher)

A bizarre assemblage copper and glass tubing filled with vari-coloured liquids all surrounding a hollow crystal larger than a man.  The Matrix is able to restore (or more accurately, “recreate”) a living organism to full health and with it’s natural complement of appendages whether the subject is alive or dead.  To do this, the subject must be placed into the crystal, which fills with various solutions that break down the subject into his component parts for analysis.  This is fairly unpleasant if the subject is still alive, although he won’t be for long.  After that, the Matrix will “grow” a new version of the subject in the prime of health and with all the memories of the original. This restoration process takes some six weeks to complete.

The legendary God-King of Karch was reputed to have such an Artifact, which was the secret to his seeming-immortality. It is said that a treacherous wife (one of the infamous 1,001 Brides) broke the Matrix after the God-King had allowed himself to be dissolved, but before he had regrown to more than a lump of protoplasm. What happened to the protoplasm is unknown.


  1. Cool! Though I kinda want the thing to spin around like the duplicate android creator in the Star Trek Episode "What Are Little Girls Made of?" ;)