Friday, July 9, 2010

Matter Powers

I continue to plug away here. back to fiddling with the Random Powers Tables which are maybe 80% done now. At least until I change my mind again. Anyway, I'm going to be taking most of next week off to play with the kids, but I thought I might just post the tables for another category today to give more of the sense of where things are headed.

Table 4 is Matter Powers.

(Yes, I just noticed that I have Table 4.1 mislabelled as 2.1. Oh well).

I'm still not sure about Exotic Matter.  That seemed neat when I wrote it, but looking at it now, I think I would be stumped as a player if I rolled it.  And that's counter to the purpose of the tables which is to spur the thought process.  Otherwise, I think that I've hit about what needs to be hit here.  

Love to hear what anybody thinks.


  1. By all means hold onto exotic matter. A character who can whip out some neutron star material, or antimatter, or dark matter, or maybe some freakish stuff created by stringing together combinations of quarks nature never intended? Yes please!