Monday, June 21, 2010

Don't mistake the quietness here as a sign of inactivity.  I've been ferociously busy, but not at the putative subject of this blog.  For whatever reason, ever since I got that ridiculous and somewhat self-caused pneumonia, my brain is just stuck on super-heroes.  Like when you get the theme to Dr. Snuggles lodged in there and can't help but sing it over and over until even your small children tell you to shut up.  That hasn't happened to you?  Oh, well, the point is that that work on Under the Dying Sun has screeched to a total stop.  Not forever, but, just like when I can't help but sing "Friend to the animal world!", it will stop until I get this super-hero thing out of my head.

That may be obvious considering that I've been posting about super-heroes for some three months now.  But it's been piece-meal: a house-rule here, variations on random tables, some thoughts on settings, and some re-envisioned villains.  Well, I've finally got to admit that what I am really doing is writing a different product.  I wasn't clear on that myself for a while.  Then the idea began to grow on me.  And so now I'll confess: my intention is to write an official supplement for Truth & Justice featuring my rules tweaks and additions and a 1970's setting heavily inspired by Marvel Comics of the time.  The theoretical title right now is Heroes of Industry.  The PDQ license is worked out, I'm hoping that I get the money to pay the well-known-but-for-now-mystery artist and know...writing the actual product remains.

Loyal, hypothetical readers will recall that in my very first post, over a year ago, I wrote that I was starting the blog because

...I have a little old-school project I'm working on and I thought this might be an interesting way to approach it.  My usual method is to hole up behind my computer for months on end and never let anything see the light of day until it's perfect.  Which, of course, is pretty much never.  So, I thought maybe I'd try something a little different this time.

What's funny  is that as soon as I started working on the supers-game, I found myself again wanting to hole up and never let anything see the light of day until it's perfect. Hmn.  Recognizing that now, I'm going to start posting more frequently with design stuff.  I realize that most of the interest in this blog has been on the old-school D&D thing and the Dying Sun setting.  But that's okay.  Maybe now I can get back to the good old days of truly having imaginary readers again.


  1. I think most of your readership has broad enough gaming interests to also be interested in a superhero game.

    I know that at least I do.

  2. Drat, can't get the Dr Snuggles theme outta my heed now !

  3. Dreaming of better to-mor-rows!

    God, I loved that show.