Monday, March 29, 2010

Quite Distracted By: Consumption (and Super-Heroes)

I have been pretty much knocked out the picture for a while now.  I don't actually have consumption, but I did give up my dental practice and move West to become a professional gambler and sometime gun-fighter.

Okay: not really.  But I have had this bronchial thing for weeks now and was too stubborn to go to the doctor because I kept saying that I was feeling better.  But I gave up and went in and am now zonked out on prescription-strength cough syrup and anti-biotics.  In between hacking fits, I've been thinking a lot about super-hero gaming which I intend to post about once I'm mentally competent.

So do try to cary on a bit longer without me.  Oh, and let's all avoid being nasty to each other and having valuable members of our community shut down or get slaged off and whatever.  Even though I've been sick, I'm saddened to see the Old Guy Blog gone and I've seen some unpleasant things said here and there about other bloggers and their players.  Seriously, do we need to resort to that?


  1. Welcome back and get well soon "Tequila Screen Matt"

  2. Hope you feel better. I let the same type of thing go too long this winter and wound up with pneumonia. Took over a month to bouce back from that. Take care of yourself.