Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Open Call for Artists

My kids--god love 'em--think that I am a good artist. I have no idea why, except that I can produce modestly amusing pigs and robots:

Anything else is really quite beyond me. Even my daughter--my biggest fan-- upon seeing my attempt at rendering her favourite super-hero Raven (from the Teen Titans)...

Actual Drawing by me

...said, "OK. Now do it better." Alas, my dear, that's about as better as it gets.

Unfortunately, I don't think any of that is really how I want Under the Dying Sun to look. When I picture the game, I picture this:

or, of course, this:

So, I'm just putting this out: I need a decent artist. Or ten. Whatever. If anyone draws art that looks more like the second two pictures than the first two would like to contribute to my little project, I'd be grateful. I'd be more than grateful: I'd be really grateful.

I'd also be happy to talk to anyone who wants to sell me some art. Preferably you will ask for semi-amusing drawings of piggies and robots in recompense.


  1. Check my gallery at and tell me if I may be useful. I hope you like what you see.

  2. I'd recommend a couple of artists I know....but I'm keeping them for Planet Algol illustartion!

    I'd recommend talking to Paul Muller or Stefan Poag but I could understand if they're style wasn't what you were going for.

    Hopefully when I assault the party with Sand Ghuls and Infra Men one of the artist player's will be inspired to illustrate the encounter and I can hook you up...

  3. @Marcelo--I will check it out.

    @Blair--why I otta...! I'm not familiar with Paul; I'll should go take a look. But I'm glad you like my monsters---I'm pretty taken with the Sand Ghuls myself.

  4. Sorry, Peter Mullen not Paul Muller