Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back to the Enochian Age

My hypothetical readers may be wondering where I've been all this time.  It may look as if I have been slack, but such an assumption would be most terribly wrong.  I've been pretty busy with gaming, but not with Hypernotus.  Why?  Well, it looks as if James M. has dropped his Psionics attempt.  I could finish it myself, and maybe I shall, but the dropping of Hypernotus has had me pick up the creative slack with something else.

As some of you imaginary folks may be aware, I have been writing a Sword & Sorcery game for...well, way too long.  I am making a real effort to try and finish this thing at long last.  One of the things that stumped me for a while was whether or not to put a setting into the game.  I'm more interested in making a game that plays the genre than I am in making yet another gaming world.  But I've come around to the idea that I need at least a little setting in the game; people just seem to expect it.  It will not take up much space and will be more a series of suggestive brush-strokes than another exercise in sub-Tolkienian world-building. 

I'm now at the end of grappling about what this setting will be.  I was strongly playing with the idea of doing a version of Atlantis, based on Kuttner's Elak and SM Secchi's Antediluvian Age.  But I am now leaning strongly toward continuing the Age of Cain setting that barely peaks it's head out of the current rules-draft.  I think I can hit all the delightful S&S tropes with it--bronze swords, decadent city-states, demons, demons,and more demons--while also having something just a little distinct.

So, for now, this blog is going to turn from Hypernotus to the Enochian Age.  I should be posting some thoughts soon.


  1. I haven't dropped psionics so much as been distracted by other matters.

  2. That's what I meant, really. I'm distracted too.