Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Hail Jeff Rients, Howdy Timothy Brannan and Hello Nigeria!

Nearly eight years after last posting, I decided to crank this old Model T up again.  Because reasons.  What's fascinating to me is how many views I got: approximately 100 views in the last two days.  Now, I'm no technical wiz, but I would guess that some proportion of those come from spammers.  After all, I had two comments on my first DragonQuest post: one from Timothy "Witchlord" Brannan and one from some spammer who has been deleted.

But still.  Actually, one of the things that pushed me into brushing off the cobwebs here was checking out of the always worthwhile-reading Blood of Procopius and seeing my blog still listed on his site.  For some reason, having not been deleted from Fr Dave's blogroll after all this time struck a chord within me (Sir Arthur Sullivan's Lost Chord, to be precise).

However, I was not prepared to see how much of that traffic - spam or not - all came from Jeff's Gameblog.  I have no idea what that means, but - hail to thee, oh mighty, Jeff and his readers!  And while the vast majority of the traffic came from the U.S. of Something, I had three views from Nigeria.  I also have no idea what that means, but Hello, Nigeria!  Are you ready to rock!

Actually, if any of those folks - or the five Indonesians or the seven Ukrainians, etc. - would to pop in and say hello, I'd be glad to hear from you.  Or the 120 Americans, for that matter.

Hello, earth!


  1. I'm keeping a tab open to the topic on, for when someone adds to it. I can't (or won't, since it's my choice not to have an account there) post there, but I'm reading.

  2. Jeff's blog is my central reference point. I find his blog roll to be very extensive. Every day or so I go to his site and read any of the new posts linked that seem of interest.
    The real fun comes when you go to those blogs and check out their blog rolls and find new blogs that aren't listed on Jeff's. Then you go down a rabbit warren. :) Good times.